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7 Strategies to Build Wealth in Real Estate – Strategy #3 – Fix and Flip for a Profit

We have covered 2 Strategies: Strategy #1 – Buying in a Growing Market and Strategy #2 – Buy a Rental Property. This week we want to discuss the popular strategy of the Fix & Flip that you have seen on TV, Online and in the Newspaper. It’s a hot topic because there is big money […]


7 Strategies to Build Wealth in Real Estate – Strategy #2 – Buy Rental Property

Last week, we discussed that investing in a growing market is important. This week, we want to look deeper into buying rental property for building your wealth in real estate. Here are key reasons why buying rental property is a good investment strategy. Inflation – Inflation causes prices to go up. This includes groceries, clothing, […]


7 Strategies to Build Wealth in Real Estate – Strategy #1

Over the next 7 weeks, we will discuss the best strategies to build wealth in real estate. A good way to start is to invest in a real estate market that is growing. This would be where a lot of young people or families are settling down. Barbara Corcoran, founder of The Corcoran Group and Shark on “Shark […]


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Amelia and Wayne are very knowledgeable and helpful in helping us to purchase our home. This is the second home we have bought with them. They always look after your interest. Highly recommended!


Wayne and Amelia exceeded my expectations. They were proactive about every detail which resulted in an impressive home showing, a speedy sale, and a
high sale price for me the seller. They charge the full commission, but are worth every penny.


Amelia and Wayne helped me buy my new home. They were awesome. They helped me through every little step of the process. I bought my new home contingent on the sale of my old house. They helped me with both sales. It was the most stressful time of my... (more)

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