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5 Ways to Buy an Investment Property with Low or No Money Down

Real estate usually requires money — to buy investment property, you must put down significant amount of money. You can put down 20% on the purchase of investment property but you will have to wait until you have more money to invest in the next opportunity. It is a conservative way of investing. There is a […]


7 Strategies to Build Wealth in Real Estate – Strategy #7 – Investing in Commercial Real Estate

BUILDING WEALTH IN COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE Investing in Commercial properties is much different than investing in single-family homes. It can include retail buildings, professional office buildings, a warehouse, self-storage property, and mixed-use buildings. There are good reasons to advance your investment strategy to commercial real estate when you are ready. To give you some contract, […]


7 Strategies to Build Wealth in Real Estate – Strategy #6 – Buying Multifamily Property

BUYING MULTIFAMILY PROPERTY – An Important Next Step for a Real Estate Investor Do you have previous experience with single-family rentals? Multifamily Allows you to produce more income and build net worth faster Are you excited to buy multifamily property? Buy what you like: multifamily vs single-family homes Determine if the increase in responsibility, liability and […]


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Amelia and Wayne are very knowledgeable and helpful in helping us to purchase our home. This is the second home we have bought with them. They always look after your interest. Highly recommended!


Wayne and Amelia exceeded my expectations. They were proactive about every detail which resulted in an impressive home showing, a speedy sale, and a
high sale price for me the seller. They charge the full commission, but are worth every penny.


Amelia and Wayne helped me buy my new home. They were awesome. They helped me through every little step of the process. I bought my new home contingent on the sale of my old house. They helped me with both sales. It was the most stressful time of my... (more)

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